To those of you that have been inundated with robocalls for the past two weeks in the name of Whitestone Insurance we apologize for the horrible inconvenience that you are experiencing. Due to the extraordinary number of hostile emails and phone calls received, we have limited access to the website at this time.

We are in no way connected to the nationwide onslaught of calls to the American public. A rogue company has appropriated our agency identity in an attempt to avoid any fines when they get caught in this illegal practice. 

If you wish to help us stop this fraudulent activity, please reach out to the Federal Trade Commission as soon as possible to file a complaint. Only when we come together will we be able to fight this. Their phone number is 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357).

For those interested a rate quote or information for your health care, please call our phone directly and we can provide the access password.

Located in Pittsboro, North Carolina we cater to Health and Medicare insurance – new programs introduced in the past few years mean health insurance and coverage is now available to everyone.

Ask us how you can qualify, or sign up for one of our free demonstrations that makes medicare simple and easy to understand.